“Our reputation with the government is unrivaled.”
Louis Leblanc,
Senior Wealth Advisor
Immigrant Investor Program
National Bank Financial

National Bank Financial
Integrity, Experience, Service

National Bank Financial is the most respected and, most senior financial intermediary involved in Canada’s Immigrant Investor Program, and a government-approved facilitator.

We have been in the business of helping entrepreneurs and their families put down financial roots in Canada since the first program was introduced in 1986. In fact, we collaborated with the government in its creation. We have served more immigrant investors, over a longer period of time, than any other firm, by far. With our network of certified agents and an office staffed with knowledgeable advisors speaking many languages, our clients can be assured of getting the professional help they need at every stage of the decision-making process.

National Bank Financial is an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of National Bank of Canada. National Bank of Canada is a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (NA: TSX)

Louis Leblanc

Senior Wealth Advisor
Immigrant Investor Program
National Bank of Canada

In 1986, Louis Leblanc, a seasoned trader on the floor of the Montreal Stock Exchange with a degree in Economics from McGill University, joined with a team of government experts to create a program designed to bring entrepreneurs from other parts of the world to Quebec, Canada’s largest province.

This program proved so successful that it was emulated and expanded by the Government of Canada, and has become a model for similar programs around the world.

Over the more than 20 years since the program was introduced, Mr. Leblanc has earned an unequalled reputation for efficacy and integrity, and has helped close to 7,000 investor families settle in Canada and become Canadian citizens.

Operating and enhancing the program, with the backing of an exceptional team of highly trained professionals, is his principal occupation. Mr. Leblanc travels widely to serve clients, and maintains active ties with a global network of mandataries.

To learn more about the National Bank Financial Immigrant Investor Program and how NBF can help you build a long and successful career, please contact Mr. Leblanc directly.

National Bank Financial

Founded in 1902, National Bank Financial is one of Canada’s leading investment firms. Headquartered in Montreal, it has nearly 1,000 Investment Advisors in more than 100 points of service across Canada, with approximately $104 billion CAN in assets under management. National Bank of Canada is its parent company.

The Immigrant Investor Program, established in 1986, is one of many innovative services offered by NBF. To help you establish yourself in Canada, National Bank Financial offers transition planning services for immigrant investors and their families, in addition to corporate plans. Our experience and guidance will help you make informed decisions about everything from wealth management, taxation and estate planning to the finer points of taking up residence in a new country.

Focused on Service

Continuing a tradition that goes back to 1902, National Bank Financial has made client service and the development of long-term client relationships the cornerstone of its operating philosophy. The firm goes out of its way to fully understand the needs of its clients, and to respond with creative solutions and value-added services.

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Our Parent Company
National Bank of Canada

Founded in 1859, National Bank of Canada today ranks among Canada’s major chartered banks, with 2.4 million individual clients, and is the leading bank in Quebec. Through its representative offices, subsidiaries and many alliances, it is present and active around the world.

With assets of $470 billion CAN and a Canada-wide network of 428 branches and 23,960 employees, National Bank of Canada offers a full range of financial solutions.

A front-runner in the area of electronic banking services and new technologies, National Bank of Canada is also recognized for its efforts in ensuring the security and confidentiality of transactions and protecting the personal information entrusted to it.

In addition to offering a full line of banking products and services for individuals, small and medium-size enterprises and large corporations, National Bank of Canada is also an active player on international capital markets, and through its subsidiaries, in securities brokerage, insurance, wealth management and mutual fund and retirement planning and management. Thanks to its numerous representative offices, subsidiaries and partnerships, National Bank also serves clients in the United States, Europe and other parts of the world.

The Bank’s securities are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (NA: TSX). For more information, visit the Bank’s website, at nbc.ca.