“As the leader in our field, we have unsurpassed experience in serving the financial needs of immigrant investors. In our role as financial intermediaries, we carefully monitor all aspects of your application, each step of the way.”
Louis Leblanc,
Senior Wealth Advisor
Immigrant Investor Program
National Bank Financial

Canada’s Immigrant Investor Program

The Government of Canada and the Government of Quebec, the country’s largest province, have developed a program to help entrepreneurs from other parts of the world become Canadian citizens.

At the core of the program is an investment in a five-year, zero-interest, government-guaranteed note. Once the government processes your application and confirms receipt of your investment, a visa is issued that allows you and your family to live, work and travel anywhere in Canada. At the end of the five-year investment period, your full capital is returned. After a required period of residency in Canada, you become eligible for full Canadian citizenship.

Eligibility for the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program


To be eligible for the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, you must:

  • Have net assets of at least $2,000,000 CAN
  • Invest $1,200,000 CAN in the Canadian province of Quebec through an authorized financial intermediary
  • Have at least two years of qualified management experience.
  • Intend to settle in Quebec

Program investors will receive a Permanent Resident Visa from the Government of Canada thas is valid anywhere in the country.

Other criteria that are taken into account include factors such as your age, language skills and the nature of your professional training.


Qualified Assets

The $2,000,000 CAN in assets must:

  • Have been legally obtained
  • Belong to you, alone, or together with your accompanying spouse or de facto spouse
  • Exclude any gifts received within six months of the date your application is filed.


Having qualified management experience means that you have been involved in the planning, management and control of the financial, human or material resources of an enterprise for at least two of the past five years before you file your application.

The enterprise must have been legal, and may include farming, commercial or industrial businesses, professional practices, international agencies, organizations and government service. The enterprise must have employed a minimum of two full-time staff, excluding you.

This management experience does not include apprenticeships, training or the specialization process involved in getting a diploma.

The Government of Québec Immigrant Investor Program

The Quebec Program, which is administered and guaranteed by the government of Quebec, Canada’s largest province, has been in operation since 1986. National Bank Financial is proud to have helped create the program with the government.

With the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, your capital is invested in a five-year, zero-interest, government-guaranteed Quebec term note that supports Quebec-based businesses, creating jobs and fostering economic growth. Investors in this program must initially be destined for Quebec.

The Canada Immigrant Investor Program

The Canada Immigrant Investor Program has been cancelled by the federal government.

Financing Options for Our Clients

Many potential immigrants, though able to meet the Program’s net worth criteria, may have difficulty raising the required investment in a short period of time. Others may own or operate profitable businesses and wish to avoid taking capital from these operations, and in some cases, a lump sum payment may be preferable. For these reasons, we offer two different financing options.

1) Full Cash Option
The client deposits the full investment required, which is then invested for five years without interest.

2) Financing Option
The immigrant investor deposits an amount specified by National Bank Financial under the Immigrant Investor Program, and borrows the remainder from NBF. No money is returned at the end of the period and no monthly payments are required over the term of the loan. Since interest rates fluctuate, please consult National Bank Financial about the current walk-away price.