“Canada has an exceptional education system. Families the world over come to educate their children here, and at the same time, become Canadian citizens.”
Louis Leblanc,
Senior Wealth Advisor
Immigrant Investor Program
National Bank Financial

Education Advantage

When asked: “What is your most important reason for coming to Canada?”.

The majority of Immigrant Investors answer: “For my children”. At National Bank Financial, it’s a reason we applaud and take pride in supporting. Children are our future, no matter where we come from.

High-quality Education

Canada, as a society, has always invested heavily in education, and Canada’s literacy rate is over 99%. In fact, we invest more money per student than any country in the world. Schooling is free for citizens from kindergarten through high school. In Quebec, college-level education (CEGEP) is also free for Quebec residents. Universities are also government subsidized.

Public education in Canada is a provincial and territorial responsibility. For this reason, systems across the country are all somewhat different. While meeting similar high standards, they reflect the needs and desires of local populations. Broadly speaking, over 90% of Canadians are in preschool or ‘kindergarten’ by the age of 4 or 5, and education is compulsory for every child though high school in most provinces.

Our most recent census data indicates that more Canadians than ever before have university degrees or diplomas, and that recent immigrants are even more likely than native-born Canadians to have university degrees.

Network of Exceptional Private Schools

While most Canadian children attend public schools, a sizable minority chooses to attend one of Canada’s many private institutions. Known for their smaller class size, lower teacher-student ratio and exceptionally high academic standards, they graduate many of Canada’s elite. In Quebec, private schools also enjoy government subsidization, based on enrollment.

World-renowned Universities

The excellence of Canadian universities is acknowledged worldwide. Students come from around the globe to study in Canada. The reasons they cite include the diversity and multiculturalism of the student bodies, the safety of the campuses, the broad variety of first-class programs and the international respect accorded the degrees they earn.

Canada has over 90 universities for you to choose from, spread all around the country, in cities, towns and rural areas. Their varying characteristics and programs often reflect their geographical areas, as well as regional economic drivers.

Whatever programs your sons or daughters are interested in, graduating from a Canadian university opens the door to a world of possibilities, not to mention financial advantages. Typically, Canadian university graduates earn an average of 57% more than those who don’t have a university education, and are much less likely to be unemployed, irrespective of economic conditions.

Cost of University Education

While tuition is charged for Canadian universities, the cost of a university education is considerably less here than in the United States. Because of larger provincial subsidies, the lowest university tuitions are found in Quebec, home of the renowned McGill University.

Student loans, bursaries and scholarships are available for those needing financial help, across the country.

The Education Bonus
Immigrant Investors Save Big on University Tuition Fees

As is usual worldwide, university tuition fees are substantially less for citizens than for students coming from other countries.

However, if you come to Canada under the Immigrant Investor Program, you benefit from the same low university tuition as Canadian citizens.

If you educate only two children, over the course of a 4-year university degree, you save enough to pay most of the cost of the Immigrant Investor Program. See our Financing Options for more details.

As an Immigrant Investor, your children benefit from one of the most valuable educations in the world, at the lowest cost to you. And, by the time they earn a degree, you can all be Canadian citizens.

An Extraordinary Opportunity

This represents an extraordinary opportunity for you and your family. Under the Immigrant Investor Program, not only can your children benefit from one of the most valuable educations in the world, but by the time they receive their degrees, you can also be full Canadian citizens.

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