Education Advantage

High-Quality Education

Canada, as a society, has always invested heavily in education, and Canada’s literacy rate is over 99%. In fact, we invest more money per student than any country in the world. Schooling is free for citizens from kindergarten through high school. In Quebec, college-level education (CEGEP) is also free for Quebec residents. Universities are also government subsidized.

Public education in Canada is a provincial and territorial responsibility. For this reason, systems across the country are all somewhat different. While meeting similar high standards, they reflect the needs and desires of local populations. Broadly speaking, over 90% of Canadians are in preschool or ‘kindergarten’ by the age of 4 or 5, and education is compulsory for every child though high school in most provinces.

Our most recent census data indicates that more Canadians than ever before have university degrees or diplomas, and that recent immigrants are even more likely than native-born Canadians to have university degrees.