Education Advantage

Useful Education Links

Choosing a Program and School
What program would your son or daughter like to enrol in? Find out what training they need to reach their goals, and explore different institutions on a Government of Canada site.

Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada
Links to the websites of all Canadian universities, as well as in-depth information on a broad variety of topics of interest to future and current university students.

McLean’s Canadian University Rankings
McLean’s News Magazine website devoted to university student's needs and affairs.

Association of Canadian Community Colleges
Institutions offering mostly diplomas and certificates, not degrees. Many have university transfer programs.

Studying and Living in Quebec
An excellent Quebec Government publication, filled with practical information about all levels of education in Quebec. Click on the link below to download.

Canadian Association of Independent Schools
This site organizes Canada’s independent primary and secondary schools by province, providing links to each school’s website, as well as relevant addresses and telephone numbers.