Education Advantage

Cost of University Education

While tuition is charged for Canadian universities, the cost of a university education is considerably less here than in the United States. Because of larger provincial subsidies, the lowest university tuitions are found in Quebec, home of the renowned McGill University.

Student loans, bursaries and scholarships are available for those needing financial help, across the country.

The Education Bonus
Immigrant Investors Save Big on University Tuition Fees

As is usual worldwide, university tuition fees are substantially less for citizens than for students coming from other countries.

However, if you come to Canada under the Immigrant Investor Program, you benefit from the same low university tuition as Canadian citizens.

If you educate only two children, over the course of a 4-year university degree, you save enough to pay most of the cost of the Immigrant Investor Program. See our Financing Option for more details.

As an Immigrant Investor, your children benefit from one of the most valuable educations in the world, at the lowest cost to you. And, by the time they earn a degree, you can all be Canadian citizens.